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Adult Care Management, Inc.

Providing Care Choices for Children, Adults, & the Elderly
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How to File a Complaint

Employees at ACMI strive to provide timely and informed customer care and service for all current and prospective clients, care givers, providers, advocates, stake holders, peer agencies, community partners, and others. While we enjoy a great customer service track record, issues do arise from time-to-time, and for this reason, ACMI needs to ensure you have an accessible route to file a complaint about ACMI management, ACMI Care Managers, and Medicaid providers unaffiliated with ACMI.

While we encourage you to work with ACMI staff directly, if you are not satisfied with how ACMI Management dealt with a complaint/problem about a care manager, or you feel uncomfortable working with ACMI staff, at any time you can contact the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing:

1-800-221-3943; 1570 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203



If you have a complaint or compliment about one of ACMI’s Care Managers, and you would like to notify someone please contact:

Executive Director Barb Wilkins-Crowder at, 303-964-2441




Deputy Director Alan Wiley at, 303-964-2442


Complete the fields to the right and press "Submit."  An email will be sent directly to Barb Wilkins-Crowder and Alan Wiley




Provider Complaints

For cases where you suspect provider fraud, waste, or abuse in the Colorado Medical Assistance Program, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Behavioral Health Organizations (BHO) and Children’s Health Program Plus (CHP+), contact:

  1. OR
  2. Email the Provider Overuse, Fraud and Abuse Referral Form

 The email address is confidential and all reports are investigated by Program Integrity staff.


If you have a complaint about a Medicaid provider, you may contact the provider directly, your ACMI Care Manager, or one of the numbers below. To file a complaint about

Foothills Behavioral Health, call: 303-830-3560

Homemaking or Personal Care services call: Public Health Hotline: 303-692-2800 OR Medicaid Complaint Line: 303-866-3513

Skilled Nursing or Nurse’s Aide services call: Home Health Hotline:    1.800.842.8826 OR  Medicaid Complaint Line: 303-866-3513

Nonmedical Transportation services call: Colorado Public Utilities Commission: 1-800-456-0858


Medical Transportation provider (Total Transit), the Co. Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing @ 303-866-5622