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Facility Admission & Transition Resources

While ACMI promotes nursing facility diversion programs such the HCBS waivers and the Colorado Choice Transitions demonstration project, sometimes people need to go to a nursing facility for rehabilitation, respite stays, long term stays, and other reasons. Choosing a nursing facility for yourself or someone you care about is an important life decision.
Equally as important is the decision to leave a facility to seek greater independence in the community. Although the prospect of leaving a facility can be daunting, Colorado offers several programs that support people in safely transitioning from a facility to the community.
To offer some assistance with nursing facility placement and community transitions, ACMI offers the below resources.
Nursing Home Admissions: Locations, Contact Info, Ratings

Offered by, Nursing Home Compare is a online tool designed to assist people with finding and assessing nursing homes in Colorado and other states. In addition to providing basic contact information, such as an address and phone number for facilities in a given area, the site also "rates" each nursing facility in five areas and allows you to compare up to three (3) facilities. The rating areas include: 1) Overall Rating, 2) Health Inspections, 3) Staffing, and 4) Quality Measures.
ACMI highly recommends the use of this site as part of the selection process. To use this resource, simply click on the below link and run a search by zip code, city, state, or the name of a nursing facility.

Nursing Facility Complaints & Care Issues: Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Once at a facility, if you or someone you care about are concerned about client right violations, to include inadequate care, a lack supportive services, and other issues, you can contact a Long-Term Care Ombudsman in your county to help advocate for your rights. 
For an Ombudsman in Boulder County contact:
For an Ombudsman in Broomfield County contact:
Nursing Home Discharges: Transitions, Community Programs

Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT), part of the federal Money Follows the Person (MFP) Rebalancing Demonstration is a five year grant program.  The primary goal is facilitating the transition of Medicaid clients from nursing or other long-term care (LTC) facilities to the community using home and community based (HCBS) services and supports.  Services are intended to promote independence, improve the transition process, and support individuals in the community.  Participants of the CCT program will have access to qualified waiver services as well as demonstration services.  They will be enrolled in the program for up to 365 days after which time they will enroll into one of five HCBS waivers so long as they remain Medicaid eligible. 

For more information about CCT: Colorado Choice Transitions