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Adult Care Management, Inc.

Providing Care Choices for Children, Adults, & the Elderly
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 Adult Care Management, Inc (ACMI), is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization providing care management services for adults and children who seek information about, and access to, long-term care services in Colorado.


The vision, mission and values of ACMI guide our work with our communities, our providers and the people we serve.


ACMI was founded in 1986 for the purpose of helping frail elderly and disabled adults in need of long-term care services to live safely in the home of their choice by improving their access to in-home and community based services. Start-up funding for ACMI was provided by the Commonwealth Fund of Boston, Massachusetts and two Colorado-based foundations: the Anschutz Family Foundation and the Colorado Trust.


Today, ACMI is Colorado's oldest private, nonprofit care management organization offering services to over 3,000 people annually. ACMI serves adults and children with long-term disabilities.



Adult Care Management

For over 20 years ACMI has provided care management services to Colorado's most frail and vulnerable adult populations. These populations include, but are not limited to adults with physical disabilities, brain injuries, mental illness, the elderly, and persons living with AIDS.
For more information regarding Medicaid nursing home diversion programs for adults, community options, and other resources, please click here:
PDF Chart of CO HCBS Waivers 

Children's Care Management

Although the name of ACMI suggests a range of care that is limited to adults, ACMI also provides care management services for children with an array of disabilities in a variety of sitations. The kids we serve include those with a life limiting illness, the medically fragile, and kiddos with disabilities.
To meet the needs of these kids, ACMI manages Medicaid programs such as a the Children's Home Community Based Services 
(CHCBS), the Pediatric Hospice Waiver (PHW), and the Home Care Allowance Program (HCA).

For more information about care management and programs for kids, please click here:
Business Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
Main Line: 303-439-7011
Toll Free #: 1-855-784-0062
Fax number: 1-866-931-0763
1455 Dixon Ave.
Ste. 105
Lafayette, CO 80026